Coined the ‘8x4x4’ warranty, MAN offers a four year warranty on rigid tipping bodies from Thompsons Group in its Trucks2Go programme. The warranty will include Edbro CX15 hydraulic tipping gear and is being supported by Thompsons Group’s Service capabilities.

Tipper trucks generally work long, hard hours to earn narrow profit margins for operators. The tipping mechanisms are expected to work smoothly and be dependable in all circumstances; regularly lifting enormous loads yet operating safely at all times. However, it’s not advisable to over-size or over-engineer tipping gear as this increases vehicle weight and reduces payload. This means that operators are always looking for lightweight solutions that won’t let them down.

Thompsons Group is a leading UK bodybuilder that specialises in building and maintaining commercial tipping vehicles. It’s always had a close working relationship with Edbro, regularly fitting the Bolton based manufacturer’s tipping gear to its bodies. The announcement of MAN’s warranty programme recognises that Thompson bodies fitted with Edbro cylinders are an inherently reliable pairing.

Lee Wilson, Regional Sales Manager at JOST UK, comments on the MAN warranty: “We’ve always stated that Edbro cylinders are delivered with a ‘fit and forget’ promise. Our cylinders are designed to last for the life of the vehicle and in many cases have remained operational for in excess of 20 years.”

“As standard we offer all our end users a three warranty, so I have no doubt that our cylinders will perform flawlessly throughout MAN’s four year warranty period. Of course it’s extremely gratifying that a leading OEM has recognised the quality of our product to such an extent. We are confident that the CX range will offer MAN’s customers reliable tipping and improved productivity.”

Edbro has been an innovator and leader in tipping mechanisms for over 100 years and is a member of the worldwide JOST group of companies, one of the leading global manufacturers of systems for tractors and trailers. The CX integrated ram and tank tipping gear is designed to reduce weight yet deliver high performance and excellent reliability. The cylinder is formed from a laser welded tube and a specially developed seal includes built in burst protection. In independent tests it is shown to deliver the best weight to performance ratios in its class.

Lee sums up: “The one-piece design improves the strength of the cylinder, making it more robust. Significantly, it is able to withstand potentially damaging side loads better than multi-piece cylinders, while also enabling faster actuation.”

MAN Truck & Bus UK, part of the international MAN group, is based in Swindon and offers a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles, plus buses, coaches and industrial engines to operators and companies in the UK. It aims to be the most reliable road transport service provider by focussing on advanced uptime maintenance programmes. It provides standard trucks from 7.5 tonnes to 44 tonnes, as well as buses, coaches, vans and specialist vehicles for the emergency services and military.