JOST UK is to supply Edbro hydraulic systems for 57 new aggregate tipper lorries ordered by CEMEX, one of the foremost companies in the UK building materials supplies market.

The vehicles involved are all eight-wheeler rigid trucks rather than tractor-trailer units, with a gross load capacity of 32 tonnes. They are to be delivered in stages through 2019 and the order to build them has been split between two different OEM companies.

CEMEX is a global manufacturer of building materials and the biggest Mexican investor in the UK, with 3,000 people employed across 450 sites nationwide. In the UK it is a leading provider of aggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete and rail sleepers with annual sales of around £1 billion.

JOST UK is to supply the full hydraulic system including pump, pipework and control valves. At the heart of each system will be an Edbro CX14 tipping cylinder, a high performance but lightweight option.

The CX cylinder comes in a range of sizes and is a fully integrated ram and tank configuration. It was designed to be ideally suited to rigid truck installations. The CX design is recognised as the lightest tipping cylinder on the market, providing a weight saving of up to 258 kg per tip over rival units and thus allowing more aggregate to be carried per trip. This, combined with its high speed operation, means that cylinders from the CX range can facilitate a significant increase in vehicle productivity.

Edbro is a market leader in on-vehicle hydraulic systems. As well as tipper mechanism its capabilities include front end, underbody and ejector cylinders, waste handling equipment, walking floor vehicles and customised hydraulic kit solutions. The Edbro range of tipping cylinders includes front end cylinders for trailer applications, twin ram underbody hoists for crane and tipper applications and single ram cylinders for underbody tipping and three-way applications.

All Edbro cylinder ranges come in a number of sizes. The CS range starts with the smallest CX07 unit designed for 7.5 tonne vehicles and goes up to the largest CX15. The CX14, specified for the Cemex tippers, is designed for 32 tonne trucks; has a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and has a stroke of over 5m. Despite this performance it is a compact unit that is easy to fit into available space and weighs only 477kg.

Edbro is a member of JOST-World, a global leader in the manufacture of systems, modules and components for commercial vehicles. The company is over one hundred years old, its first product being a truck mounted hoist. Today it is at the forefront of the tipping market, increasing payloads, reducing tipping times and providing fit and forget solutions that last for the life of the vehicle. Edbro’s manufacturing base is in Bolton UK, there are distribution centres in Europe and the Middle East, subsidiary offices in both France and Germany and a service network that covers the world.