GLW Feeds Switch to Renault Trucks for 150th Anniversary


GLW Animal Feeds Celebrate with Volvo

Founded in 1873 by George Llewelyn White, GLW Feeds are one of the largest independent, family-owned livestock feed manufacturers in the UK.  2023 see’s the business celebrating its 150th anniversary with the company investing in 3 new trucks complete with 150 year celebratory livery to raise awareness of this milestone.

Louis White, Managing Director said, “We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking business that has an innovative approach to feeding animals and providing support for our customers.  Therefore, everything within the business has to be of the best quality, especially our trucks!

Supplied by RH Commercial Vehicles, the C440s are the first Renault Trucks to join the fleet and have proven to be highly manoeuvrable when navigating narrow country lanes and uneven terrain.

Neale Jones, Transport Manager said, “We need our trucks to be versatile and robust to withstand the nature of the job.  Our customers are often in hard-to-reach places like down narrow lanes or on uneven ground.  We need a vehicle that our drivers can trust, so when we were approached by Andy Cross at RH Commercial Vehicles, we were intrigued.

The tridems offer enhanced manoeuvrability and good traction.  The four-axle design offers a shorter wheelbase of 3.7 metres which improves the turning circle by 20% compared to a conventional 8×4 rigid.  This allows GLW feeds to access farms with challenging access.  They have been fitted with a luxury, heated driver’s seat, multi-media screen, and ROADPAD+ which includes TOM TOM satnav, refrigerator, 24V socket and plenty of storage.  The trucks have also been fitted with rear-view cameras, anti-runaway, emergency braking and hill-start assistance.  This allows the driver to have the confidence that they have the most up to date health and safety controls in their vehicles.

I was also surprised at how light the vehicles are. We can now achieve a better payload with the Renault and maximise efficiency.”  The payload of the tridems are 18 tonnes. With higher payloads, more feed can be delivered in one vehicle, making operations more efficient.

Three Renault C440s for GLW Feeds

Sustainability has become an important focus of the business in recent years. Louis said, “We have taken major steps in ensuring every factor of the business is done in an ecological and sustainable way.  With this in mind, the five-year Optifleet offer from Renault was a real pull factor”.

The Renault Trucks Optifleet system helps businesses monitor uptime, safety and fuel efficiency and minimise the overall cost of ownership.  It also assists businesses to operate in a more environmentally conscious way.  The system allows users to track reports of drivers’ behaviour whilst on the road.  By understanding the driving behaviour, the business can unlock many improvements such as reduced MPG which leads to reduced emissions.  Reduced fuel consumption not only saves thousands of pounds on fuel a year, it also significantly reduces the CO2 emissions in each vehicle, therefore improving the overall carbon footprint of the business.

Louis said, “Historically road transport, particularly HGVs has been one of the highest contributors to air pollution on the planet.  By taking these steps to monitor the consumption of fuel and output of CO2, with the assistance of Optifleet, we as a business, can continue to take control of our sustainability goals.

Overall, we have been incredibly satisfied with the service and performance of Renault Trucks and RH Commercial Vehicles,” Said Neale Jones.  “I can very much envisage the Renault Trucks brand becoming prominent in the fleet.

Louis White said, “Everything boils down to quality with the business.  We want to echo the exceptional quality of products we provide which has been mirrored with the quality of the Renault Trucks on the fleet perfectly.